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Monika Šimkovičová

author and artist

Stratené topánky
Forgotten Shoes

Released on 27.11.2019

The first Slovak/English book for children from 7 years!

From one side of the book is the Slovak version, from the other side the English version and in the middle a beautiful map.

Summer has started and a group of six friends who call themselves the Bombardiers have so many plans. First on the agenda? Finally explore the half-ruined house in Acacia Street everyone is so afraid of. No one has stepped inside for years. Except for cats. Hundreds of them.

Monika Šimkovičová - VIGIL
Monika Šimkovičová - VIGIL


Earth becomes uninhabitable. The ignorant behaviour of people has brought it to the brink of existence, and it seems that the way back is impossible. A large group of people are about to leave Earth and start a new life on the SOLU planet.

Vigils and Sleepers.
Do they manage to reverse the demise of the Earth together?

monika vigil

About me

It may seem that I started to write just recently, but the truth is quite the opposite. I’ve been writing since my childhood. First it had been some poems but soon I realised that it’s not the right thing for me. My first poem, the one about the very first Czechoslovak cosmonaut, was literally understood by no one…

When I was 8 and I wrote Hands off from Vietnam, my teachers were bringing me to all the military bases around and I had to recite it…

So I gave up on poetry and started to write short stories instead. Some of them even made it into a real book. But that was just the beginning.

In 2015 I finished a novel called Roden24, which was published as an e-book in Slovak, Czech and English. And at the same time it was also published as an audiobook narrated by the leading Slovak actors.

And that was the time when Roden started to grow up. It even overtook his older sister Aluni, which has been waiting last 5 years to be finished. The novel VIGIL was born.

Who am I?

Writing now



I wrote

available in slovak, czech and english

VIGIL (2017)

available in slovak, czech and english
available in slovak, czech and english

Roden24 (2015)

available in slovak, czech and english
available in czech

Bruno v hlavě (2010)

available in czech
available in slovak only

Utajené skutočnosti (2000)

available in slovak only