Let’s have a movie night!

Whenever you switch on your TV, there\’s always something on that can get you hooked. I\’m a movie maniac and I admit I\’ve fallen prey to the modern trend of TV shows. I can see why creators bet on the format of TV shows. When I come back home and it\’s around midnight, I can rarely make it through a two-hour-long feature. TV show episodes only last about an hour and in case the show is good, you get sucked in very fast.
My favorites like Game of Thrones, Westworld, Twin Peaks, and others, those are all fine. But that\’s not the right movie night. An all-out movie night means a bowl of popcorn, a comfy blanket, a switched-off phone. God, it\’s been so long since I\’ve given myself permission to enjoy this luxury!
I only ever touch the DVD shelf when dusting it, slowly forgetting all about this type of relax. How is that even possible? I could swear there were times I would treat myself to a movie night even twice a week.
Blade Runner, Piano, Libertin, K-Pax, Jackie Brown, Kill Bill, Team America, American Beatury, Million Dollar Hotel, Fight Club, Snatch, Full Metal Jacket… that\’s just me going through the titles on my top shelf mechanichally. There\’s more than three hundred titles there and each and every one of them was once a movie that made my night. Only now do I realize that also means at least 300 bowls of popcorn!
I don\’t know if this is good or bad (please, don\’t let anyone assess or judge me), but my child grew up watching movies, TV shows and reading books. And he\’s kept his respect for movie making until this day. Because it\’s my son who carefully engages in film production these days.
I used to have similar ambitions once. I wanted to write scripts. When I write now, I can see every situation in my head as if I was watching a scene on the big screen. Some people say this actually shows in my writing.
But now, there\’s only one thing going through my head – What film am I gonna treat myself to tonight??? I don\’t have any popcorn, pistachios will do. I\’ve jut pulled my four-leaf-clover blanket out of the dryer so it\’s soft and it smells nice… What am I putting on, then?
Oh, I know! The brilliant Kevin Spacey\’s Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil takes the crown. Because everyone has been so mean to Kevin lately.