Trust me, train can hit you even on a sidewalk

I will never again say that desperate sentence, not even to me: “What else can happen to me today?” Not once, this sentence costed me a lot. Probably, it is the most provocative question targeting “somewhere above”. And there is always a clear answer coming back. I will seriously remember it!

After a day hectic to the max, when the turbulence and the hurricane of bad news calmed down, I went to do some shopping. I had planned to spend the weekend at home and spend it creatively. I was not sure yet whether it would be painting or writing, but I knew for sure I would be creating. I had not been a creator for so long that I became a creature in fact.

I struggled carrying the two fully loaded bags of vegetables and meat. The fatigue was so strong that I almost crawled on the sidewalk near my house. It was a beautiful sunny day and I was almost at the door. For a moment, I stopped and breathed in and as a long-runner, I planned to sprint the last few meters exhausting the last bits of energy (only in my head, really, because it was impossible to run with those bags).

I made a decisive jump towards my goal and suddenly, I felt such a strong hit on my head that, for the first time in my life, I saw stars in front of my eyes. The hit was as if someone chopped an axe in my head. In just a second, I was lying on the sidewalk. When I opened my eyes, I found out that I am surrounded by tomatoes, peppers, radishes, celery, chicken legs and all other yummies from my shopping bags. And also, I found that there was blood on my forehead…

As I was lying on my back, looking towards the sky, I noticed him – the little three-year-old terrorist from our house, who was bending over the balcony with open mouth as he was trying to find where his beautiful, red, metal train was… Ladies and gentlemen, I was really hit by the train! On the sidewalk!

After a while, the young neighbor rushed towards me and helped me get of the ground. She was murmuring something about being sorry for not recording it on her mobile. She said it could have been the most viewed video on YouTube:  a lady falling on the sidewalk as in an old black-and-white comedy movie and a few meters above her a blond-curly-haired boy, which could be taken by any filmmaker for the role of an angel. Little Patrick was the nicest child on the block.

The train suffered from nothing serious, just a little scratch on the machine that could be repainted. Two stitches on my head will be covered by my thick hair. The important conclusion is that when you meet Patrick today on the walk around the house, the boy has (preventively) a beautiful helmet on his head.