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Kto vlastne som?

Monika Šimkovičová (*1966)

My writing career started in 1999, when I wrote a short story Mr. and Mrs. Horners. The story was awarded in the prestigious Slovak competition Poviedka’99. When he best 17 short stories of the year were published, I was there along with already famous writers like Peter Pistanek, Boris Filan or Oliver Bakos.
A year later, my first book called Classified Information was published. The stories contained various fantasies, mysteries, and surprising points, maybe even some solutions of the harsh reality then the capital of Slovakia.
The whole production of the book mysteriously disappeared before it reached the shops though and never went for sale. Confidential Information remained confidential forever.
In 2010, I published a controversial novel about death and inability to die called Bruno In the Head. I wrote the novel together with famous Czech musician and screenwriter Ondrej Ladek (XindlX).
In 2015, I wrote a short story Roden24 that became the basis of the stories in my newest book VIGIL.
Roden24 was well praised by readers in Slovakia and Czech Republic so an audiobook narrated by great Slovak actors were produced too.
At the present I mainly paint, write and spend time in my small gallery Fantasticke veci located in Bratislava.